I got two 40x and one 42x projection t.v. lenses any ideas for a good craft out of them?

They came out a 60" big screen television and they were the only things I could salvage out of it. I'm wondering if anyone has any cool ideas for them.

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Make a cheap LCD projector ? 
Neg8tyv (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
thought about that what would be the best plan of action for that?
AFAIR, there are several things you need.

1.) A working LCD panel from which you can remove the backlight and not bust anything.
2.) A source of bright light
3.) TWO fresnel lenses, to collimate the source, pass it through the panel and decollimate it for the projector lens
4.) A projector lens, which I am presuming you have !
A diabolical device that will SET FIRE TO THE SUN!!!!! BWAhahahahahahahaha!!!!
jeff-o7 years ago
Giant burning laser?