I had a dream that me and a friend were happily dating. What does my dream mean?

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thegeeke6 years ago
It means that you had a dream that you and a friend were happily dating! What else?

Just because you had a dream, it doesn't mean that there is anything to it. A lot of times, we dream about things we are thinking about before we fell asleep. If you were thinking about your friend before you fell asleep (even if it wasn't about dating), then that would explain it. Even if you weren't thinking about your friend before you fell asleep, it doesn't mean that your paths are marked in the stars or anything like that. (If you want to ask him/her out, just do it, but don't think it has anything to do with your dream!)
Jessica.11 year ago

I had a dream of my friend (which i havent talked to in years ) we were dating and its wierd cuz i had a crush on him for 4 years and then i stopped cuz i changed schools....now i had a dream about us dating ... Out of nowhere ... What does that mean

Maybe you're in love with your friend? Or it could be the exact opposite. LOL.
monsterlego6 years ago
I had a dream i was Batman once, if you start dating for real notify me and I can go fight crime. XD
True story.
But wait! he/she said that they were HAPPILY dating in the dream. What if they date, but it doesn't turn out happy? Then you'll look like a idoit in a bat suit. :D
Vyger6 years ago
Dreams are brain fiction. You can enjoy them and they can be entertaining, or terrifying, but fiction just the same. Directed fiction from an author can have meanings, but the kind in dreams does not.
Kiteman6 years ago
Dreams rarely have genuine "meanings" - they're the random static you happen to remember after your brain spends the night filing the day's experiences, thoughts and random ideas.