I have 2 cats, how can I determine which cat is causing the problem

I have recently found solid waste in another room, nowhere need the litter box. They are able to get the litter box at all times and it is cleaned out every 1 to 2 days.

Another thing, have you considered getting a CatGenie? this is a wonderful self cleaning litter solution. They have an ad in Scientific American. It is a LOT of work to keep a multiple cat litter box nice, and cats bless them are fussy little critters.
Loco_0018 years ago
Cats do this because either they are unhappy about something or are trying to attract your attention. They know they have done wrong, so will make a mad dash for freedom when you remonstate them.I have 3 cats and identified one of them by his guilty attitude.
budd428 years ago
you should make sure you know were one of your cats are when the other one is in the litter box. i have had this problem to and this worked for me!
Try feeding them at different times, putting little bits of carrot in the food of one.