I have 3 questions...

1) Approximately how many instructables are there as of 2011?

2) How many authors are there as of 2011?

3)What is the percentage of instructables that get featured? I think its about 20% or something...

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ChrysN6 years ago
1) As of 12:10 pm Sept 4: 58208 that doesn't include those that have been deleted or those that are still stuck in the filters:

2) Like Kiteman said maybe about 10000, you can probably run a script like Jayfuu does with the view counts to see how many members have 1 or more posted instructables

3)As of 12:20 pm Sept 4: 12768 featured out of 58208= 21.9%
rimar20006 years ago
It would be interesting to be able to "walk" through the list of members.
vishalapr (author)  rimar20006 years ago
Kiteman6 years ago
1. Well over 50,000

2. Less than 50,000 (I'm going to guess around 10,000)

3. I don't know if anybody has ever run the numbers on that one. Interesting question.
vishalapr (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
Oh! I thought there were more than 100,000 ibles! Oh willI guess there soon will!
Ive always wanted to know how many members there are...good question!
lemonie6 years ago

58184 (searchable, the Flagged-crap isn't included)

Can't get that information

Can't get that information