I have 4 guns, which one should I create an instructable for?

Alright, I'm not new to knex guns, I've been making them for a good 2 years. However, I AM new to making instructables for my own guns. Now, I have a list of 4 guns I have made, let me describe them so the community can choose which one I should make: 1. SSAP : A Standard Semi Automatic Pistol that I designed to look like a real pistol. While it doesnt look similar to any one real firearm, i does look like a real pistol. It is TRUELY semi automatic, I have designed it to be easy to use, and easy going on the fingers. Many semi automatic guns can be a pain to constantly push around the trigger, but not this one. It has a hidden magazine that holds 3 green rods. Now, since it is a semi automatic pistol it doesnt shoot as far as other single action guns. 2. SBAR : A Standard Bolt Action Rifle that holds 6 blue rods. It is an extremely sturdy and reliable, the magazine almost never jams. WITH the detachable barell it shoots about 30 feert, however you can easily get rid of the barrel and have it shoot even further, however I keep the barrel for cosmetics. It is my personal favorite of my creations and I am yet to take it apart for any other gun I see on instructables. 3. Desert Eagle Semi Automatic Pistol This is my most recent gun, I never actually meant for it to look like a desert eagle, however in the middle of construction I realised the resemblance and decided to make it a replica of the desert eagle. It is like my first semi auto pistol, however it holds 5 shots, is MUCH bigger and shoots white rods instead of green rods, which I suspect increases the distance. However if you have small hands (like me) it may feel slightly uncomfortable so I advise building the smaller SSAP above. It has the most resemblance to a desert eagle than all the other pistols I've seen on instructables (Believe me, I searched "Knex Desert Eagle) Remember, this also has a hidden magasine and is semi auto so it doesnt shoot that far compared to other guns. So guys, please respond and ask me to post an instructable for one. I look forward to being a part of the knex weapon community :).

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The first one if it isnt one of those rubberband wheel mechs.
 ifirst post the semi auto pistol, and it isnt a "rubber band wheel" mechs because the discreption sais ot holds green rods

NYPA7 years ago
Just post all of em!
Spycrab8 years ago
no questions, just number one :D
Post the TRULY semi automatic pistol plz!!!! there are only 2 working semi automatics on ibles
could youtell me them besides the sniper?
travw8 years ago
Either of the pistols. I'm sorry, but the rifle.....sucks.
30 feet, lol, a sad excuse. My first pistol goes that far.
Post the best one.
DJ Radio8 years ago
Only post the first one if the mech is original. The second one is not bolt action, and its lame.
I'd say 1 or 3. I'm kinda interested in the mech in those guns.