I have a 32' travel trailer that I want to convert to solar power. Has anyone done this and can share their plans?

There are so many different ideas out there, but I'd like to follow someone who has done it themselves successfully and is willing to share their wisdom and experience. I'd be willing to pay for a copy of your plans.

RoughM8 years ago
There is a non-profit organization here in Manteca, CA (Give Every Child a Chance) that has a bus that uses solar power -not to run on, but to provide 110v power for their bank of computers and other electric and electronic items. The company that donated the photo-voltaic panels, batteries, inverter and wiring was www.aramsolar.com. They might be willing to give you a quote.
arnold54 (author)  RoughM8 years ago
Thank you for your information -- that is something to consider.