I have a HP laptop that has a HDMI port, Is there anyway to connect my PS3 and display it through the laptop screen?

I connected it throught the HDMI port and nothing happened. Do I need to install software? My computer is Windows 7.

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Willard2.06 years ago
The HDMI port on a laptop is an OUTPUT only. It is for connecting the laptop to a monitor or TV. It is built to allow the laptop to display its image on the tv. It can't accept video input and display it on the laptops built in screen. I don't think any software will fix your problem as it is a hardware limitation.
animan1 (author)  Willard2.06 years ago
I understand, Is there anyway to connect a PS3 to display it through? Maybe some sort of USB converter?
While it may be possible with a video capture card, there would be huge lag (up to a couple of seconds) because the operating system (and the software running the capture) has to process what is coming in. Unfortunately a laptop is just not designed to be used as a monitor.
Go \Control Panel \ Hardware and Sound \ Display. Make the appropriate system changes and voila!

good luck
hey, do you have a tutorial for this? I know that I am late, I see this is written in 2011, but I really could have need for this right now.. I was inside in the Hardware and sound, disply, but I don't know what I am going to fix. Hope you're still online!
lemonie6 years ago

Not that would be practically achievable in an afternoon.