I have a Haro F2 and im wondering how to lighten up the rear end. All ive done so far was cut 4 inches off the seatpost

goodgnus8 years ago
Depends on how much money you want to spend. 1) New rear wheel (less spokes, lighter/thinner rim, etc) 2) New lighter rear tire (most tire mfg publish weight) 3) Thinner (and thus lighter ) rear tire tube 4) Remove pegs (or lighter pegs, drill holes into pegs?)
airsoft10177 years ago
get a new stump seatpost (stolen thermalite is what i got. PC pedals(once again Stolen Thermalite) new Wheels, cromoly stem idk what brands no gyro if u have one, hollow chromoly axles. check dans comp, PC pivotal seat (oddessy is what i got), Cromoly cranks, and 2 pc bars (if u have 4peice ones