I have a MacBook Pro that doesn't work anymore, what can I do with it? I'd hate to see it go to the recycling bin.

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KnexFreek7 years ago
iambic (author) 8 years ago
I'm not sure if it's fixable if coffee was spilled on it.......
cdubnbird8 years ago
yes give it to one of us lol. if you did i think i would just try to fix it which is what you should do. The parts needed to fix it are probably really affordable like a disconnected power connection. If you absolutely can't fix it scrap it. The LCD screen is worth some money and so is the hard drive and i'm not sure if it has it or not but if you can burn cds/dvds you could make a burning laser using an instructable. The battery you can recycle or use it on something else and everything else you can individually scrap like take capacitors off the PCB ect..
kelseymh8 years ago
When our daughter was 6 months old, she was fascinated by my and my wife's laptops. So when my iBook G4 died, I gave it to her. She loves it, and can sit there and hit hte keyboard while we're doing our own work. Just be watchful! The Mac's flat-panel keyboard disassembles easily -- I now have a bag of ten keycaps she's pried off.
0)Give it to me!!
1)Try a Computer store
2)Get a friend who is good at computers to try and fix it (my uncle helps design them)
3)try and find out what's wrong
4)attempt to sell it on E-bay and say it's broken (Lot's of people will just fix them)