I have a RC Rock Crawler Truck that I want to replace the "rc radio" with a "wifi radio"

This will be my first project with a arduino microcontroller, the RC radio on this truck is connected to the main board by 3 connections labeled,  GND, ENB and VDD, I have a ARDUINO UNO with a seeed studio XBEE SHIELD and a XBee Wi-Fi module,  can I use this to replace the rc radio and if so how? Thanks 

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ss30004 years ago
On a side note, I would strip those boards of the components, lots of usable stuff there.
ss30004 years ago
Unfortunately with the electronics that came with the board would make it difficult if it's possible at all. Your best bet if possible would be to strip the electronics from the truck and replace them with hobby grade electronics. As you are planning controlling the truck with an arduino you would just need an esc (electronic speed control) and a steering servo as the one in it may use a different signal/setup than the norm.
Just my two cents, but if you are going to make this a rover I would take the roll bar off and mount the camera as low as possible. The extra weight of the camera will make the truck tipsy and unstable on inclines. Or maybe mount it inside the cage and behind the windshield so its protected.
As for electronics this speedo should do fine with the motor in it
and this would work for steering
ss3000 ss30004 years ago
forgot to mention you could also build or buy a h-bridge for motor control as well.
What you have is power, ground and the signal wire. The signal wire goes to on of the pins on that chip and the chip determines the command given and acts on it.

I take it the truck has a single motor for the rear wheels and a servo for the steering?
No I'm sure it has three motors and five servos.