I have a Vissani Kegerator and was told it will not accomadate a keg of Coors is this true Thanks?

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canucksgirl5 years ago
From what I've read, the Coors 1/2 keg will NOT fit, and neither will Bud kegs. They are just slightly too large for the door to close, therefor it will not cool properly as a result. Unfortunately most people say the Vissani Kegerator is a piece of crap.
You are completely right, but I found a fix. And I am very happy with ours. The reason for it not fitting is the kegs have a pregnant belly around them, which butts up with the back of the compressor in the back (the lip I call it).

However, if you do the following you will get that keg in every time. (I have successfully put in 3 Coors Banquet kegs in. I have not tried Bud.)

If you take 2 1 inch boards (I use 1 x 4 x 8) and put them side by side on the bottom and take out the white tray at the bottom, you can fit a Coors Keg in it just fine. It elevates the keg enough to get over the compressor in the back but not too tall that you cannot tap it. I wish i had a picture, but we currently have a molson in ours, so we don't have to use the boards. But trust me. It works.

Here is what I have to do. Put the boards on the bottom side by side. Then tap the keg on the outside. Most kegs come with dents, so try to have the best "flat" surface on the keg to rub against the sides of the cooler. Then lift the keg up over the boards. Have someone stand at the back holding the cooler and using your feet (because I am just not strong enough to push with my hands) hold onto the side and push the keg gently into place.

And walla.....your door will shut. I hope this helps.
knashcat (author)  kelleymariecorwin5 years ago
Thanks for you help I will give it a try
knashcat (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
The size of the keg is not my concern its weather or no the keg will actually hook up to the unit I do like your suggestion and will see if I can borrow an empty . Thanks
I haven't heard anything about the hookups being a problem, but if after trying out a keg, you find it doesn't work, you should be able to get a different fitting. Here's a link to some information. 
knashcat (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Yea i heard the same however with a few alterations like a CPU cooling fan and a short piece of copper pie to help keep the beer cold in the lines this one kicks @$$ . Thanks for your Reply
caarntedd5 years ago
Can you take your equipment down to the local bar and ask to test fit it on an empty keg? Or maybe they will let you measure one as lemonie suggests.
lemonie5 years ago
No idea, have you got a tape-measure?