I have a battery powered fountain. How can I get it to use electricity from the wall instead?

 It uses 3 AA batteries. I am willing to get something that would reduce the amount of amps allowed through. Even if it's expensive or complicated, I'd like to know how. I feel like I could probably figure it out myself, but it'd take too long, and have too much of a risk of me making something short out, and since I live in a dorm, that would be very, very bad.

I found this one in the "related" panel, on the right. 

It looks believable, and as a bonus, this 'ible features hardware similar to yours: i.e. a DC motor driven by 3 AA batteries (nominal 4.5 V) in series.
CameronSS7 years ago
You need a wall-wart style power adapter. You'll need to either find one rated for 4.5V, which is what three AAs put out, or find a universal adapter that has 4.5V as an option.

To connect it, you can go for the ghetto option of cutting off the plug, stripping the wires, and scotch-taping them to the battery contacts, OR you could solder it on and neatly run the wire somewhere discreet, OR you could attach a plug input to the battery connectors. Just be sure to get the polarity correct--chances are it's a 4.5VDC motor powering the pump, so it will push the water the wrong direction if you wire it backwards. Shouldn't burn anything up, though.
rspwnz7 years ago
get a converter,  they make ones that you put in the battery slot and then plug into the wall
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  Just to play The Devil's Advocate, is it possible that the batteries are connected in parallel (1.5V)?
.  4.5V makes a lot more sense, but you never know what some engineer will do.