I have a big office cherrywood desk unblemished and need suggestions for covering? 65 L X 27W how much for glass?

I would like glass but unsure of cost and thought of plexiglass or open to other suggestions that will not harm unblemished beautiful desk top.

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Re-design8 years ago
If it's a nice desk it deserves to be seen and protected. Put a sheet of tempered glass on top of it with the pads. Your local glass cutter can give you a price.
I agree, glass is both traditional and effective. My local glass shop charged me about $10 for a 1' square piece of 1/4" thick glass that I use as a honing surface, including rounding off the edges for safety. That may have been at a bit of a discount since they could use a piece left over from another project, and it wasn't laminated/tempered, but it gives you a starting point for price estimates. A good glass shop can even cut complex shapes, so if your desk's top isn't just a rectangle they can still match it exactly... but that will increase the cost, since it involves more labor (including taking precise measurements or making a template from the desk itself.) I believe a few felt pieces near the corner is indeed the traditional way of increasing friction so the glass will resist sliding. Sounds very much worth doing -- good wood deserves respect. (That reminds me, I have a few older pieces of furniture that I should do this for!)
Tempered or laminated, laminated will be cheaper though.
Prfesser8 years ago
Go to the local glass-and-windshield place and ask for the cost of 1/4" plate glass cut to that size. Plexiglass will look like crap rather quickly. It's fairly soft, and normal use will generate lots of tiny scratches. Have the glass store sand the edges of the glass. They may ask if you'd like it tempered. Personal choice. Tempering will increase the cost but if/when the glass breaks it will not turn into jagged, razor-edged knives. Prfesser
kelseymh8 years ago
Plexi is a good option, but it will likely end up getting scratched. You'll want to use eight thin felt pads (disk) whether you choose glass or plexi: one at each corner, and one at the midpoints of the sides. Those will help ensure that the edges don't come in contact with the wood.

If you don't mind covering the desk, you could consider covering a thin sheet of masonite with green felt or leather, and using that. This is a fairly traditional method of protecting fine wood furniture.