I have a electrical component and have no Idea what it is or how to use it.....help please...?

I recently acquired a large box of electrical items...when I was receiving them I was told what some of the items did. Unfortunately I did not have the common sense to write down the items and description. Could some one please help identify this items purpose and use in a circuit (a circuit diagram would be nice if you could provide).
The items are in small white boxes that say, "Army    U.S. Navy"
On the next line says, "Type JHS-1N23A"
The last says, "Sylvania"

Please help.

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framistan7 years ago
I remember using diodes 1n23 as GERMANIUM diodes for crystal radios i used to build. They took the place of old "cat-wisker" diodes in very old crystal radios. They are just very sensitive detector diodes used in the tuners of AM and FM radios before the age of integrated circuits.
pagosapig (author) 7 years ago
The items look just like the items in this photo. http://www.amazon.com/American-Microsemiconductor-JHS-1N23A/dp/B001IRX3RG Thanks for your answers so far. Please continue your input
Yep, microwave diodes.
NachoMahma7 years ago
> "Army U.S. Navy"
.  Possibly MIL-STD.

> "Type JHS-1N23A"
.  1Nxxx are typically diodes. Google "1N23A"

> "Sylvania"
.  Large electrical/electronics manufacturer.

Mil-Std : Read very expensive, and paid for with YOUR tax-dollars....
frollard7 years ago
"Sylvania" makes lighting components/bulbs/housings/etc.
If its what I think it is, its a microwave radar "X-band" mixing diode.