I have a hole in the bottom of my dishwasher is there any glue or etc that can be use to fill the hole?

samaddon4 years ago
just take some clay and split hardly all over the crack or hole and leave the dishwasher for 1day then you can easily use it cause the clay gets hard taking some time !
iceng4 years ago
Is it a hole really or a crack ??

Figure of speech can have a major affect on how it is treated.

A hole is easy to fix when compared to a split.

For a hole put some rtv ( silicone ) and a plastic thumbtack over it..

A split is way harder to describe here...


framistan4 years ago
I would clean the area and dry it first so the glue will stick. Do this to both sides of the metal if you can. Then smear some 100% silicone glue on it. Place a small piece of metal over the hole also. This gives more surface area for the glue to stick to. If you don't have a piece of metal just use a clean shiny penny. Do this to both sides and that should fix it. Silicone glue is good for this purpose because it is flexible and very waterproof and it sticks to almost any surface. Some other glues may not have all 3 of those properties and that might cause other glues to fail.
My intuition says to go with RTV silicone, also called silicone seal, also called silicone caulk, and it may be known by other names too.   It sticks to a lot of stuff, and when cured it is waterproof, and can withstand boiling water temperatures.

Of course I kinda have to wonder:  how big is the hole?

If the hole is larger than about 1 cm (or 0.5 inch) in diameter, then it might be better to make some kind plate, or patch, and then using the silicone seal, sort of glue that patch over the glue.