I have a leak between a PVC pipe and a fitting, whats a good glue to seal it with.

I tried plumbers goop but it only get a few shots before the seal breaks. The leak is between a modified bushing in which I grinded the lip off and a 11/2 in pipe. Its for a piston valve air gun.

Kaiven8 years ago
I use JB Weld to fix all of my air gun problems. I had a gun actually explode into small pieces, and glued them back together with JB Weld like it was a 3D puzzle, and it didn't leak at all (I would advise not to do this, even if you use super awesome glue!) "J-B Weld has a tensile strength of 3960 psi"
kevinhannan8 years ago
As it's to do with compressed air - which can be dangerous - I would simply replace the faulty part. You say you have modified the bushing by grinding it and so I guess there is a tiny gap. Most compressed air applications I know where the air-line has been compromised can only take a proper replacement. Good luck, though - I wish you well. ;-)
imthatguy1125 (author)  kevinhannan8 years ago
well since i couldnt replace the part with out rebuilding the gun I added lots of glue and hope for the best it is pressure rated
plumber_bob8 years ago
I would listen to kevinhannan. I wonder what type of pvc you are using? Foam core/cellular type pvc is for NON-pressure applications only. Schedule 40, pvc can handle pressures up to 220psi, (depending on manufacture), then there is sched80, pvc which is even tougher. So the type of pvc you are using might be a problem as well. Have fun pb