I have a pic16f72 and is burned can i erase it and reburn it?

What software should i use i have pony prog.

klee27x4 years ago
F parts use EEPROM. Electronically erasable. So yes.

The C parts are one-time write, only. They are erasable only by UV light. But encased in epoxy, they can essentially be written to only once.
iceng klee27x4 years ago
Most medical X-RAY machines can erase OTP devices.

Get friendly with your dentist :)
Yes a PIC16F72 is erase and write.

Pony Prog should work does your pic programmers MCLR do 12 volts?

You can get the Datasheet here: http://www.maxim4u.com/

Yes it can be re-flashed and used for other things. Check out the data sheet and get a pic programmer.