I have a quad comparator, what should i use it for?

Its the LM339, i know a quad comparator compares 4 different voltages, but thats about it.
what kind of application could this have? ideas?

MROHM5 years ago
Look up Make A Continuity Tester Found here on Instructables For another application of the LM339,
MROHM5 years ago
I even found a Better Link,,,www.LM339 CIRCUITS,,,,,,I Found Oscillator,Low Voltage Indicators etc,etc,etc, there is a lot you can do with this chip,,Just Go For It!!!
MROHM5 years ago
Just Google LM339 And You can find Tons Of Circuits From LED Bargraph Meters to Voltage Indicators.Go Forth and Google!!! Thanks MR.OHM