I have a school ball tomorrow and I am sunburnt quite badly how can i reduce redness?

I am also having a spray tan tonight, how can I reduce the redness so that it has gone down in 5 hours?

Aron3135 years ago
Vaseline. It works like chap stick!
Burf5 years ago
Two home remedies I learned from my mother that actually work: White vinegar will help reduce the pain and itching. Gently wipe on cool vinegar with cotton balls and and let it dry on your skin.
Soak several Lipton or Nestle tea bags (dark pekoe tea) in a small cup of water and using the tea bags sponge the tea onto your burnt skin and let it dry. Do this several times and just before going to bed. Leave it on over night. This helps reduce the inflammation and redness.
Don't use heavy, oily or greasy makeup on your face or skin. If you must use some makeup, however, let a light dusting of powder suffice.
Wear loose fitting cotton clothing, too
canucksgirl5 years ago
You need to try and reduce the inflammation, so taking frequent cool baths (not cold) will help, as well as taking Aspirin or Ibuprofen; but make sure you are ABLE to take medications like this first (so check with your parents or a doctor). You can also get pure Aloe Vera Gel and keep it in the refrigerator (so that its nice and cool) and put it on sparingly after your baths.

I would NOT recommend getting a spray tan! Your skin is damaged and inflamed already. Using anything with chemicals or heavy oil will just trap more heat into your skin and could lead to an infection. - NO school ball is worth any further skin damage!