I have a small metal lunchbox, (it's only 3 inches long.) What should I do with it? Preferabely something sneaky :)

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Prfesser7 years ago
Make a couple of PB&Js using oyster crackers for bread. Put them, wrapped in plastic, in the lunchbox along with a grape, a cut-down napkin, and one of those little wax bottles of liquid candy. Make a little handle for your lunchbox. At lunchtime go to the cafeteria, set it down in all seriousness, open, place napkin on lap, eat lunch.
Me likes you. I had the same thought!
Consider a geocache.
Fill it with cement and lob it at someone while hiding behind a bush.

Do this at your own risk.
jeff-o7 years ago
Save it until you need a project box for a project.
Stuff it down your pants, then try to get on an airplane.
That is raving, mad, and sneaky!
nickodemus7 years ago
Take a look at some of the altoids projects on the site, they'll get you started.