I have a spare Horse skull laying around but dont know of anything to do with it. Any ideas?

anything would be nice

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jp38276 years ago
why do you have a horse skull!?
not being mean but WHY!?
mjrodriguez6 years ago
vinacarv8 years ago
Put a thick ring of metal in its mouth and nail it to your front door. The door bell of the likes of Count Dracula.
novakfor38 years ago
You cut some of it off and wear it over your head for Halloween.
Play a prank on the mafia!
Kiteman8 years ago
In the short term, add a pair of horns (papier mache, or taken off a toy Viking helmet), and then hang it on your front door on Saturday.

Or try for a staff like this.

Or make a skeletal hobby-horse, wear a robe and ride it around on Hallowe'en.
robotguy48 years ago
Make an interesting:
Car/motorcycle ornament
Case mod
Dinner table ornament

If you had a leg or arm bone, you could also reenact that scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey...
You could also replace the words "Car/motorcycle" with "Garden tractor/golf cart"...
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
Phase 1: Obtain horse Skull
Phase 2: Bleach it
Phase 3: ????
Phase 4: PROFIT!!

,,i'm just being silly, maybe you can use it as a Halloween prop?,,
Phase 3:Wear as hat
acidbass8 years ago
bleach then sell
Bleach it then mount it on a board to hang on the wall.  Or use it as a halloween decoration.