I have a swann wireless 2.4Ghz camera with no receiver. How can I use it with my PC or laptops?

The camera is a Swann nighthawk 2.4Ghz wireless. I do not have the receiver that came with it, just the camera itself. I would like to make some kind of usb receiver for it or find out how to pick up the signal with one of my laptop. Both of my laptops are state of the art tech. Toshiba, and an Acer 4530 with euro software on it that gives it some rather unusual wireless capabilities. Anyway... I would like to make, modifi, or build a receiver for it. If you can give me a little direction I would be very greatful.

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fwjs288 years ago
it appaers that you are SOL
RayS631 year ago

Did anyone ever figure this out? Also looking for somekind of software for this camera or a cheap receiver. Thanks.

pats52 years ago

You should visit here it may help ou a lot


lots of photos and comment

roondog2487 years ago
dgsmithsgu7 years ago
I have a 2.4 Ghz Swann, 4 channel, wireless receiver but no camera. Someone took the camera. I'm not sure if they make more than one model. I could send you a photo to determine if this is the right one. If you're interested, you can email me at twosox@infowest / com. Change the / to a period before emailing.
Goodhart7 years ago
I am afraid I have to agree with fwjs here.....making high end equipment at those frequencies is not normally in the realm of the common maker at home. High quality pc board etching, and shielding are required just to keep it from interfering with itself, much less interfering with other devices (and getting the FCC to show up at your doorstep; something you do not want to happen, I am sure).