I have a very small budget and area rugs are proving to be expensive any ideas on where to get one or how to make one?

I have a dining room and living room that have brown carpet, im looking to cover them up with two area rugs,

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suzyframe4 years ago
I had the same problem when looking for one myself! I then looked into area rugs edmonton and I found some that really worked for me! I hope that you are or were able to find what you are looking for! Please share if you find anything!
Kiteman8 years ago
You could try making a proddy mat (variously known as hooky mats or clippy mats) - they have a base of some cheap, coarse fabric, with short lengths of recycled fabric or yarn prodded through with a special tool that is easily obtained from craft shops.
jtp1398 years ago
i've made a throw rug out of old towels. You cut them into strips and braid them together. once they're long enough, you sew the braid into a coil like a wool braided rug.
rickharris8 years ago
http://www.4ormore.co.uk/projects/ragrug.htm IF your prepared to take the time and do the work our grand parents made rag rugs as a standard item.

Wool rugs can be made in a similar way. many craft shops will sell the required latching needle to make them.

It take time though.
At the end of the semester, check Craig's List and Freecycle and look around the dumpsters of a college dorm. Graduating students will frequently throw out rugs and cheap furniture rather than try to transport it.
cosgrove8 years ago
I've found that Ikea is very cheap for Rugs and Mats, providing your country/area has one, it could be a good place to look. I know for a fact that Ikea Belfast (Northern Ireland) has a large selection, including Circular colored Mats, which look great in a room (I currently have 3 green ones, and I am considering buying some red ones) and are priced quite cheaply, around £2