I have a warehouse full of outdatedwallpaper. Any suggestions?

perhaps pasting two pieces back to back then cutting out pieces to make boxes ?

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Gorfram8 years ago
The back-to-back boxes idea sounds good. Or also...

  • Sell them individually on Etsy or some other vintage outlet
  • Take up large-scale origami
  • Put up on your walls plain-side-out
  • Glue to lightweight cardboard, and make anything among the cardboard contest entries
  • Use for shelf paper, drawer liner paper, etc.
  • Make really sturdy notebooks or sketchbooks.
  • Seriously heavy-duty paper-mache
  • Use unprinted side for wall banners or large-scale calligraphy
  • Mondo cut-paper snowflakes like you make for christmas decorations
  • Life-sized paper dolls
Wallpaper your ceilings if your walls are blank and boring (or even just one solid colour). This can really spice up a rooms fung shui.
wishdr8 years ago
Have you considered selling the entire inventory? If interested I can help you (wishdr@gmail.com)
wishdr8 years ago
Send me an email. I have some ideas.
kevinhannan8 years ago
I am aware of several museums who accept things like wallpaper - please talk to the curator who will discuss paying for the postage. You could also discuss loaning the wallpaper if you don't want to part with it. There are also period film-sets production comapnies who will pay reasonable well for old original wallpaper. Good luck.
jtp1398 years ago
donate it to a elementary school, they can always use art's n crafts supplies.
Bigev8 years ago

Or not...