I have a webcam that was made for windows 98. Is there a way to hook it up to windows xp?

The web cam is a old kingston that i got a few years ago for my old 98. My laptop don't have a web cam. so i wanted to see if there was a way to hook it up to windows xp.

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Madrias3578 years ago
First things first: determine the plug type and figure out whether you'll have to adapt it first. If adaptations will be required, try it on a Windows XP Desktop first (usually, Desktops have more plug sockets of different types). If it will plug in to the computer, power the system down, connect device, then power back on. If XP's lovely "Found New Hardware Wizard" pops up, follow the recommended instructions. This should work. If, by some odd twist of fate, it doesn't work, either visit Kingston's website OR try to find that old driver-disk they gave to you when you first bought it...
Capt. Fat (author)  Madrias3578 years ago
I tried the disk and the comuter hates it. And I tried everything you said and it don't work. but thanks for trying to solve my question.
Then the only remaining option is to upgrade. That is, to buy a newer webcam.
This also helped me indirectly with my old Windows 98 Logitech webcam. Tried to get it running on Windows 7 RC. It works.
fwjs288 years ago
plug the damn thing in and see if it works, if it doesn't then look on kingston.com and search for support>drivers>product name>driver for product for XP
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Go to the Kingston site and see if there is a driver available for XP.