I have a well that is strictly for irigation, ie: watering the grass. Can I economicly run this with solar panels?

It's a 1 hp pump.  If the pump motor was change to DC and  I had batteries to store the power, would solar be an option?  I understand the expense of the DC motor and batteries that goes along with it.  I talking long term.

How much water are you pumping per day, and from how deep ?
Vyger5 years ago
There are solar powered water pumps. They are made for ranchers who have livestock in remote locations that do not have power lines. I don't know what the cost of them is, you can Google it to find out. A quick search turned up this one. They are sold as a system or a unit so you don't have to worry about designing anything. For ranchers the alternative has been windmills but a lot of those have worn out and the new solar units and pumps are submersible so they don't have to worry about them freezing.