I have an IR Detection problem on my TV and remote.

I got a new/used TV from someone and the TV works great but when I use the remote like the volume works but the channels won't. Some other button controls work but some others don't. How can I check the TV IR Receiver to see if it is receiving all the IR commands?

frollard8 years ago
In regards to the sending/receiving - if any commands work, all should work (assuming its the correct remote - or it's a properly programmed universal remote). This makes me think it's a problem with the circuit board, glitched programming, or the pads that contact the board need cleaning. Pop it open (look for a screw or two in the battery compartment before prying!) Check all the button pads, clean with alcohol if necessary. Replace the batteries with fresh ones just in case.
madrasi (author)  frollard8 years ago
I will try that right away. It is the origanol remote that came with the tv but I will take it apart and see what happens. I thank you for your quick response and help. If this don't work do you know how to make a new universal remote learn the codes of the old one?
the new remote will come with instructions to program it. most of the time it involves 2 methods - enter the code for your make/model tv, or 'search' mode. There will be a special sequence to put the universal in 'program' mode - then you enter the code looked up in the booklet. Tada, done Search mode involves setting the remote to search, then hitting a button like 'power' repeatedly while aiming at the tv. It will try all the common codes. When the tv turns on/off then you hit 'save' and it knows what kind of tv you have. Dead simple!