I have an above ground pool. I want to buld a saltwater chlorine generator. Does anyone have plans for such a device??

I want to build a salt water chlorine generator for a 16 x 24 above ground pool. I am reasonably mechanical inclined and would appreciate any input from someone who has designed and successfully used such a generator. I currently have a sand filter system cleaning my pool and use large amounts of chemicals. I am a recycler and a green person who does not like to pollute or swim in chemicals. This salt water system sounds like a good idea. lets collaborate.

GusGrass7 years ago
Wondering if you ever got anywhere??? I would like to do the same...
There is a product called SolarChlor it is a salt water generator that works off the power of the sun. It will treat up to 15,000 gallons and i have cut the run time of my pump by up to 50%. I have had one for 1yr now i think it is great! you can order one off of SolarChlor.com or just visit the website to get more familiar with it. Hope this helps Tim
Putzer8 years ago
Two guys I know invented a device that prohibits biological growth in water by passing a frequency through the water. It would be sterile but completely safe to drink, swim in, etc. It has since evolved into an agricultural product, but you never know.http://www.aquatron.com/
jerryc0078 years ago
Wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy one? Intex makes really affordable ones for about $180 (maybe even used on Ebay). It might be cool to try to pimp it out but i'm sure for the basic mechanism it might be good to start with a cheap model of the Intex variety.