I have an idea for a personal cooler... do you think it will work?

I'm thinking of placing one or two peltier cooler units on the side of a large aluminum container, which is filled with water. the peltier units also have heatsinks with fans on them. the fans blow the cold air on the user, while the heat is transferred into the aluminum and thus into the water. the aluminum box would be insulated to keep it from heating up the surrounding air, and the heated water could be dumped and refilled to dispose of the heat. this would allow for a sort of personal cooler without expelling hot air out the other side.

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There are some very "cool" ideas on here for circulating cold liquid around the user, which is vastly more efficient.

iceng6 years ago
Personally, I would prefer atomized water spritzing over my exposed skin,
rather then pulling a battery cart to power the peltier cooler and the heat
absorbing  water massive.

Steve's cooling suits for Space planes, race cars, industrial mining, etc.
That use liquid cooling tubes in contact with heat generating body parts
is / are easy to use current technology and personally proven yesterday.

....for Space planes, race cars, industrial mining, etc.

....and babies....

Wow the factory makes them in every size :-)

Vyger6 years ago
Your profile doesn't say where you are from so I don't know how extreme your weather is but here is an idea I have wondered about for here, and hear is a climate of extremes where it goes to 30 below in the winter and 100 or more in the summer.
I have wondered about using peltiers for power generating. Peltiers will PRODUCE current if there is a temperature difference between the 2 surfaces. If you could store up the winter cold in an underground water/ice storage and use that to cool the bottom of a peltier in the summer you could create a power generator that is completely green. Make a second unit for storing the summer heat and releasing it in the winter and the pair would generate power whenever the temperatures are at the extremes which would be all winter and all summer. Now that would be fun to develop.
Vyger6 years ago
Peltier's are pretty neat to play with and they definitely work for computer applications but they draw a lot of power. So the big problem I see with your idea is the amount of current you will need to get it to have much of an effect. The heat from your power supply/converter will offset any local cooling you might gain.