I have an tiny monochrme CRT Monitor thing from a really old camcorder, can it be used for some interesting projects?

Its a 5 cm long CRT monitor, im guessing a native resolution of 640x480, its got four connecting wires at the very end, its a pretty cool looking piece, i read somewhere this guy ran xp through it, so i was wondering if it could be used for something like that, a hud of some sort probably. any clues?

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You could take off the front and make it a shot glass
zack2477 years ago
can you take pictures? this thing sounds really cool, and i have never seen one before. also maybe if people see exactly what it is they can help you figure out what to use it for?
psymansays7 years ago
That's cool! Umm, you should attach the whole viewfinder to some glasses, black out the other lens, and use it as a First-Person-Point-of-View viewer for an R/C car of airplane, with one of those wireless micro spy cameras bolted to it.

That'd be pretty cool.
TheZuke!7 years ago
Just a comment: Older camcorders recorded at half NTSC, so it is possible the monitors resolution is only 320x240
CrLz7 years ago
Night vision goggles.

briackman7 years ago
that would depend, what color are the wires at the end, that may be able to help, but you could probably hook it up to usb, i think. haven't ever tried it.