I have an unknown Nerf gun...

This used to be my brothers Nerf gun. He got it at Chuckie Cheese about 3 years ago. The gun is spiderman themed and it used to have a few spiderman stickers on it but they fell off. My brother asked me to fix it so I did and then surprisingly he just gave it to me. After it became mine I wanted to figure out what it was (if it had a name). It looks allot like the Nite Finder EX-3 but is about half the weight. Its actually not a Nerf gun, because the black circle thing says Fei Xiang. It didn't shoot regular nerf bullets or stefans (it came with its own special darts that we lost) so thats why I did the CPVC barrel mod.

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billybenj7 years ago
It looks like some knock-off nitefinder that was probably made in china and sold to chuck-e-cheese, it does look kindof cool though, there are a few other spiderman themed nerf guns, though. How are the ranges of it compared to a nitefinder?
DBMods (author)  billybenj7 years ago
Well compared to my moded nite finder that gets 90 its crap. But it does get around 25 feet though which is pretty good for a cheap nock of gun.
It does look like a cheap, knock-off version of the Nite Finder.
nattyclem6 years ago
it looks to me as the older nitefinders chinese copy with different darts because of copyright by hasbro.
gunman156 years ago
it could be an older version promo edition nite finder
skyfaller7 years ago
I think this is the tech target gun.
DBMods (author)  skyfaller7 years ago
its not
jeff-o7 years ago
Looks like a knockoff to me.
onrust7 years ago
well, I did a google search and found that THIS is Fei Xiang. could it be his? dang I'm funny!