I have four 12v 11k car window motors, how would i find this out manually?

I went to a pick-a-part car parts for 12v DC motors, there were a lot of them, and I found four 12v 11k DC motors from a 1991 Toyota Cressida for really cheep (almost free) :) . Google has been no help in finding the specs for the motors, Im just at a loss and I don't want to just hook them up to a car battery that would be way to many amps and is most likely going to brake the motor in the process. so how do i find out the specs of these motors manually?

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Hook em to a car battery - that's what they run off ! They won't take "too many" amps, just what they need. When they are loaded, they may take a large current, but protect them with a fuse.

rickharris7 years ago
It will/may well be something like this - Most wiper motors are very similar.
jwflammer (author)  rickharris7 years ago
there the window motors that open and close the windows in your car. not wiper motors
rickharris7 years ago
Haynes manual?
jwflammer (author)  rickharris7 years ago
No manually meanning the specs to the motors i need the amp, current and HP and there the window motors that open and close the windows in your car.
Reckon on around 80 W delivered, at 12V, that's going to be 10-ish amps, allowing for losses, since ~750 W = 1HP, thats 0.1 HP
jwflammer (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
I'll give this info a go see Thanks.
caarntedd7 years ago
They will run just fine on a car battery.