I have like a billion 3d connecters and i need a gun any suggestiens ?

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Mr. Muggle8 years ago
how about this one:


it's a very good gun that uses lots of blue 3D connectors,
please select my answer as best answer, I would really appreciate that.
Jesus.7 years ago
One of I_A_C's cannons, Like micro or nano would be good.
Shadowman398 years ago
I know, give them to me! (I'm running out of them fast on Cataclysm).
I would I never use them anyways...
Build a ball machine.
I think I have too many, but I can't host any giveaways.

Killerk's Pistol. It uses no yellow connectors and is immensly powerful for its size. the only downside is that it is block trigger.

Jayefuu8 years ago
Melt them down and make something useful?

(part of me was tempted to post "melt them down and make some lego")
Knex arn't useful??
DJ Radio8 years ago
If you don't have a lot of Yellow connectors, you can use 3d connectors to cheat.  Look at my guns for some examples. 

You could also build a ball machine.
Re-design8 years ago
Sell .99 billion of your connectors and buy some other pieces.
Think of Math,
figure out how many you need to make a GIANT cube.
Sell enough to buy enough green rods.
Make GIANT cube.