I have several collectible vinyl LPs, but I need to clean them?

What chemicals or cloths may I use to clean old vinyl LPS?  How to store them? Is there a substance that may erase or partially clear up scratches?

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Some people got good results using a PVA solution which was allowed to dry on the record, and then could be peeled off, hopefully taking the dirt with it.
+1 If you visit LifeHacker.com and search "cleaning vinyl records",you will be rewarded with a complete video tutorial on this unique and safe technique using wood glue.The finished result will leave you impressed.

Good Luck
Vyger6 years ago
I use an unscented dish soap and a flannel cloth. Soft water is a also a good idea if you can get it because then it doesn't leave a film behind. Be careful about the label. I don't soak them because of that. I just wet them a little then use the cloth with enough soap to make a lather and moving with the groves, Rinse under running water from the middle to the rim. Then blot them dry them with a dish towel and let them air dry to get what is left in the groves.
As far as scratches there is nothing that you can do about them as far as I know. Physical damage is the LP's biggest enemy. If you convert them to digital there is software that can clean up the sound and edit out scratches.
Mine are stored standing up in boxes in a place that won't get really hot.

And be VERY sure they're vinyl before you start. Older disks are very easily damaged if not handled EXACTLY right.

Partial Plug: "Bags Unlimited" has good materials and good advice for archival care of records, and of a lot of other media. I've been happy dealing with them, though I've been more concerned about books than records so far.


and more specifically: http://www.savemyrecords.com/cleaning.htm