I have single post lift hydraulic..i used it for car wash,did i need to Change its hydrolyc oils after 8 month of usage?

i felt very confuse right now..some of my staff said that i must change its oil after some time of usage...the other mechanics said that i didnt need to change the oils..what i need is put water and oils filter in my compressor, also air moisture filter, and he said it was pneumatic hydrolyc that means it not fully hyrolic..this hydrolyc systems use wind( compressed air) from compressor to lift cars in its single post lift...i need to know whats maintainance shoul i make for this hydrolyc 

lemonie7 years ago
Can you tell us the make and model?
Everyone seems to have the right ideas, but we might be able to nail it for you if we knew what this thing is.

I agree, look for contamination, if its clean, no need to change.

Burf7 years ago
What you really need to do is contact either the manufacturer or the distributer of the lift and ask them about the maintenance schedule and requirements. And, if necessary, get a professional out to do the job.
A piece of expensive equipment should be treated properly, a minor screw up can be dangerous, expensive or both and a malfunction could result in a lawsuit if someone is injured or their property is damaged.
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  If you are getting no dirt or water into the hydraulic fluid, then it should last for several years. An oil filter will help, but would be slight overkill in a clean shop. Water knockouts/filters wherever you are using compressed air will help.
.  Take a look at the hydraulic fluid. If it has a milky color to it, then you probably have water mixed in. If it's transparent, but colored, you are probably alright.