I have what i think is a clever idea for a remote-controlled toy. I need advice!

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I have an idea for an rc toy that I would consider approaching a toy manufacturer with. But I don't have the technical know-how to know if the idea would be feasible. I don't want to give the idea away in a public forum; how does one usually seek technical advice in a situation like this?

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Damian - devillesworkshop@gmail.com

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framistan6 years ago
Here is the TRUTH about patents. I have a patent so i know a little about this. First of all... 99 percent of people who get something patented NEVER EARN back their initial investment. Very few people get rich off of a patent. When you publish a patent, it is FREE FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. Now they can copy what you did and change ONE LITTLE THING and they can make a patent also on YOUR IDEA!! Most ideas only might earn you a few thousand dollars if you WORK REALLY HARD to sell the item. In most cases, it would be wise to just go ahead and make it and sell it. Make all the money you can on it. Don't worry about the patent just make the product. If someone steals your PATENT, you can't stop them unless you have LOTS OF MONEY to fight them in court anyway. If you just go ahead and bypass the patent and build it, you will earn a few bucks and not waste money getting a patent.

If.. however... your idea is REALLY SPECIAL and worthy of changing the world and making millions of bucks... then maybe you should have gotten that patent. Then you would have the money to fight the thieves in court.
damianzuch (author) 6 years ago
Thank you all. I have been looking into patents and patent law and am finding that I am leaning toward Framistan's argument; I should just try to push it forward and hit the marketplace before copycat versions are available.

I am also looking into companies that help you develope an invention. The places I've looked at offer non-disclosure contracts. Does anyone have experience with these companies, good or bad? Any recommendations for a company that deals with RC toys?

Much appreciated,

Be careful. If you need to hire consultants to help you with the process -- technical or manufacturing or marketing expertise -- that may be legit, but remember that you're going to need to make enough profit to cover that additional up-front cost (plus the lost "opportunity value" of having that much more of your money tied up in this project). But folks that claim they offer a one-stop service to "help you develop an invention" are often scams or the next best thing to it.

You might want to ask your local colleges whether any of their professors might be interested in advising you on this. And/or contact SCORE (Service Corps Of Retired Executives), though they tend to focus more on teaching the skills needed to actually run a business rather than folks who want to invent and then market their ideas.

Good luck, and remember to have fun!
orksecurity6 years ago
Get whoever you're consulting to sign a non-disclosure agreement, promising that they will neither swipe the novel portions of your idea nor give them to anyone else without your permission. This is a fairly standard matter of contract law.

I think for a private person, this seems actually the best and least "dangerous" way to go. Like stated before, if you haven't performed a patent research first, chances are there's already something similar available. If you were to patent your idea, you could get into patent infringement. If you get a patent and don't find anyone who's paying for your idea, your investment may be lost with no benefit.
really, your idea has probobly already been tried and may even be bieng sold in another state or country. try googling it first to see if anything like it exists. if nothing turns up, it probably wont work. but if your still convinced, try building a prototype of it yourself before going the manufacturer, or you probably wont even get an interview.
caarntedd6 years ago
Could you patent your idea before you show anybody else? Then maybe you could go straight to a company and they might tell you if it is any good or not. Perhaps if they like it you could sell them the rights. Or maybe you could try the forums in case the toy company steals your idea and changes it enough to make it theirs.