I just acquired a ton of paper from my elementary school files. any project ideas?

There's literally alot of paper and its such a good oppurtunity, didn't want to dump in recycling.  Any ideas to use up alot?

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djsc7 years ago
make paper logs for fuel?
iPodGuy8 years ago
Save some aluminum cans from the faculty break room and make something out of papercrete
JimFlo8 years ago
Paper Mache' (yes I know I spelled it wrong) DINOSAUR at least 12 feet tall, wooden armature, chicken wire, send us pics...
Coliflower (author)  JimFlo8 years ago
Actually I believe you spelled it right.  And a 12 foot tall dinosaur is a great idea.

This'll be fun...
Enlist the kids, they will love getting messy...
Coliflower (author)  JimFlo8 years ago
funny you should say that...

I guess my brothers would help, im only 13 :)
Anythig that's blank on one side: Align the paper so the blank sides are all facing the same way. Stack it up in piles of 100 sheets, clamp it together securely, dip it in PVA glue to secure the edge together.
When dry, use it for notepads, laundry list pads etc, or donate them to a local Head Start program for the kids to use to draw on.
For that matter, if it's blank-one-side and reasonably flat, you can use it for "scratch copy" printouts from your computer.

But, yeah, I've got a stack of botched one-sided printouts that I use as scratch paper. Hadn't thought about padding it; that's not a bad idea at all. Though as someone with a bit of printing experience, I'd probably rig up a padding press rather than just dipping it.

Of course you can cut the pages down if you need more small pads rather than a smaller number of large ones. (If you still have a real printer near you, who has a hydraulic paper cutter, they may be willing to chop these down for you for a nominal fee, especially if they're destined for donation.)
Yeah, if you have access to actual print shop technology, definitely go with that. I used to work in a shop where every single print spit out a header and a footer page, so we generated a boatload of wasted one-sided prints. Every so often, we'd get it padded up by our print shop guys in a variety of sizes. Came in very handy, and helped to minimize the waste a bit.
orksecurity8 years ago
Or grind to pulp and make fresh paper?

If you have a strip-shredder, shredded paper makes good packing material. (One of the few advantages they have over chip-shredders.)

Paper can be composted; treat it as "browns".

Question: what's on the paper, and how embarrassing and/or entertaining would it be if used mostly-intact?
Coliflower (author)  orksecurity8 years ago
Just some random old school stuff - title pages, worksheets, the works.

Privacy concerns. If it was anything that had student information on it, there could be an issue. Sounds like that isn't a concern.