I just bought a Concord Stereophonic 444 reel-to-reel, how do I record on it?

Yesterday I got dragged into a thrift store not expecting to find anything. I was so happy that I was wrong. Someone had dropped off a vintage Concord reel-to-reel with about 30 reels full of great music. There was one unopened recording tape, and I was wondering how to record on the reel to reel. It came with two microphones and has two track inputs. I tried hooking up a mic and a reel for recording and pressing the recording key and the wheels did not turn. Am I missing something? It plays just fine, which I am very grateful for. :) But if I could record that would be really cool for my band.

Re-design6 years ago
Try pressing play and record at the same time. Some are set up that way. Or maybe you figured out why it was in the thrift store.
spel3o (author)  Re-design6 years ago
It works! Thanks :) The reason it didn't work before was because I hit the record button THEN the play button and it just played what was already on there. But it's working like a charm now.
lemonie6 years ago
Like the previous two comments, the old-skool way is Record and Play together, this may well be the same.
It's because the Play button engages the drive, other designs had a mechanical-interlock that connected the two, and then such equipment went more electronic and used solenoids for the mechanics etc...

rickharris6 years ago
No almost all reel to reel require the record button AND the play button allows you to get ready then record.