I just bought a palm pilot Vx at a yardsale. Any ideas of what I can use it for, or build with it?

Automation, robotics, computers?

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robotguy48 years ago
NO! WAIT! Install Linux on it! Then you can have a paperweight that runs Linux! I mean, they probably have Linux for every single device developed, plus hamsters (highly unstable and irritable), right?
Bostonians (author)  robotguy48 years ago
Would they actually have Linux for palms?
If it has an IR port on it, you can use it as a remote for anything that uses an IR remote. Just download the software.
Bostonians (author)  Weissensteinburg8 years ago
Any idea where I could get that software? Thanks.

They also have one someplace for controlling Lego RCXs! Ah! I remember good times... The fun... The thrills... The mayhem (e.g. running a FLL robot off a table)
mclovin75968 years ago
youu could use it to comunicate with others (phone) retard