I just got a PIC14000 -04I/SP for 9 cents. What should/can I do with it?

So I went to my local surplus store, and wouldn't you know, I found a bunch of components!  Among them were 556 timers, comparators, resistors, diodes, and this PIC14000 microcontroller.  What can/should I do with this little gem I found hiding amongst the debris?

mathews7 years ago
Find a programmer for it. I think the PICKIT2 can program any pic, but I'm not certain.

If you can program it, then it can be used for loads of things.
KentaGrace (author)  mathews7 years ago
Unfortunately, this particular chip is one-time-programmable. So therefore, I want to know what I can do with it specifically, what type of applications it can serve (I know that microcontrollers are versatile) before I go about attempting to program it, since I only have one shot at it.
KentaGrace (author)  mathews7 years ago
That's what I was thinking, however, I have absolutely no experience programming any kind of microcontroller.  Also, can I build a PICKIT2 myself or do I  have to purchase it, because I am really tight on funds right now ha.