I just recently got a iMac from my little cousin and he made two admin accounts but forgot the password to both of them?

I need to find a way to get into them/ reset password/anything to use the computer. Oh and it's running OS9?

moonman2398 years ago
Here's an article on how to create a new admin account: http://www.hackmac.org/?q=node/4

Joe Martin8 years ago
I've only done this in tiger but it might work for 9. Hold down apple and S key upon switching on intill termanial shows mount -uw / rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone shutdown -h now Personally I don't think this will work as the unix is quite different, Just get the os9 disks off ebay.
grey House8 years ago
Haha dang. If you have the OS install disk try reinstalling.
um...yeah he doesn't have any of the discs :(