I just sanded and painted dinning room chairs black. Now I want to protect/seal them. What should I use?

I also striped, sanded and stained the table. I will apply my second coat tonight. What should I use to give it the glossy finish and also protect and seal it? Thanks in advance.?

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aeray7 years ago
"Deft" spray lacquer. Not cheap, but easy and durable. Wait... did you paint it or stain it? What with?
tarverlee (author)  aeray7 years ago
Thanks. Chairs - painted black indoor latex semi-gloss. Table - stained with a lazy man's solution polyurethane varnish. Now that I've put the second coat on the table it looks outstanding. I shouldn't need to do anything further to the table right? The chairs on the other hand look great but its obvious it needs some type of sealant. As you can tell, I don't do this often. Appreciate the help. So you think spray lacquer for the chairs?
Spray the first coat or two thin, then the next coats can be normal.
aeray tarverlee7 years ago
I'm not sure about the lacquer over latex paint. Maybe try a little in an inconspicuous place. A safer bet (that you may have already looked into) is wipe-on poly. Pretty easy to use, but you should plan on several coats.
Re-design7 years ago
I would use acrylic spray in a can. It's pretty easy to apply and glossy as all get out. You can apply multilple coats for more depth and protection.
aeray Re-design7 years ago
Or try this, tarverlee.
orksecurity7 years ago
The lazy man's solution would be polyurethane varnish. Not optimal for furniture, but cheap and effective and fairly newbie-friendly.