I know you can take moss and yogurt or buttermilk and blend together. Then pour in grout in between outdoor tiles.

Is there a ratio of moss to liquid? Any other tips on this process?

mbudde8 years ago
I found this in this instructable.

"Place some of the moss, the buttermilk (or yoghurt) and sugar into a blender and start to mix. This must be done in small phases as the moss can easily get caught in the blades of blender. Keep blending until you have a green milkshake with the texture of a thick smoothie. Pour the mixture into a plastic container."
Sandra Sue (author)  mbudde8 years ago
Have a bad problem w/squirrels and rabbits. Think they might see this as food. Any additive suggestions.
Cayenne pepper should keep squirrels and rabbits from eating the yogurt. It does not affect birds or insects, though.
Substitute compost tea for the yogurt/buttermilk. Compost tea: 1) Get some compost (or just nice rich garden soil). 2) Mix about 1-2 quarts water to a handful (1/2 cup or so) of compost. 3) Strain out the solid compost particles through an old (retired) tea strainer or something similar. 4) Proceed as with buttermilk/yogurt.