I like bracelets. Does anyone have unique ideas on how to make one?

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hishealer8 years ago
Memory wire plus anything you choose to thread on it.  The wire holds its shape even with some larger glass beads, and you can be really creative with what you string on it.
 Use UV activated beads.  When you are inside, the beads are white, when you are outside, they change colors.  They are very cool.


seandogue8 years ago
woven electrical wire, although it's been done to death. I knew an artist back in the early 80s who made bracelets, necklaces, hats vests...you name it, she made it. I loved the skull caps she made.

Nice thing is that you can get materials for next to nothing by digging thru the trash at universities. (example....IEEE printer cables..strip the casing and you have 30-odd 6ft or greater lengths of  colored wires of various colors...)
jtobako8 years ago
A unique HOW or WHAT?

Unique (noone has ever done THAT before) or just exotic (It's bones on a string, but they are replicating the cycle of predation)?
Re-design8 years ago
Have you looked at the paracord stuff on instructables?