I like to use my air condition free how many solar panel will need?

I want to make my home project.

It depends on the watts of the motor in the unit and generally they are big and 1500 watts is average.

Using solar for air conditioning can be expensive but there are some cheap passive cooling things you can do so you don't need ac or need it less.

Plant trees: they will shade the house and windows and naturally cool down the house

Shade windows: put blinds on windows that can be closed to keep the sun out

Build a covered front porch or south side porch: A porch shades the front of the house and cools the air under it so you can open the door and let the cool air in.

Use a passive roof turbine: These will pull warm air from the attic and ceiling out of the vent and work better if you open windows and doors

Use small fans: these use much less electricity and can be run off solar. It is the moving air that actually cools you down

I use solar and wind in my off grid cabin and a passive air turbine and shaded front porch and do not require any air conditioning.

You can see my off grid cabin for ideas:


uguy8 years ago
LOTS!!!!!! :)
frollard8 years ago
If it's a window unit, it will use anywhere in the range of 1500 watts. at 7 dollars per watt current prices...to run them fully solar - you're looking at about 10 grand worth of panels. Bigger AC systems can use a lot more power.
nfarrow8 years ago
How long and how many watts is your A/C unit use?