I live on a ranch near woods and skunks and raccoons are aplenty, is there a rodent proof compost bin?

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Sunkicked7 years ago
If you can, try adjusting the bin that you are using to make the compost. I used to have the same problem (with rats and raccoons though no skunks), but since I switched to the tumbler I haven't had a single issue.

Here's a link to a site where you can buy the same tumbler I use: Compost Tumbler 

Of course, if you'd rather keep it in the Instructables family, you should look at this project: DIY Compost Tumbler

Both are going to work fairly well (in fact, I'd have to say that since switching to a barrel style tumbler, I've been able to make compost far faster than with an ordinary bin).
wrap your normal one in barbed wire, thats what I did to fix my raccoon problem, and it worked
lemonie7 years ago
How are they getting in? Could you just put some bricks on the lid?

Retirement1 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
They are clever little fiends with a long attention span!! The lids are a minor obstacle and bricks might work but they would have to be fairly heavy. I'll give it a try before I ditch my current compost bin - thanks.
orksecurity7 years ago
Neither skunks nor raccoons are rodents.

Having said that: The lidded bins which also have a cover over the opening for extracting "cooked" compost (there's an example at the right under Related) are reasonably critter-resistant.