I m trying to control Logic with miduino s proximity sensors but the midi input goes mad.

 I m trying to control Logic with miduinos proximity sensors but when i connect with my mac with the miduino, the midi input goes mad with random numbers, I connected all the unused inputs on miduino with grnd but still....
any ideas?

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Post your circuit. I suspect its a ground loop problem injecting noise. The question is where to break it ? 
nikaki (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
thanx fo the reply, here is the link to the schematic and the miduino kithttp://tomscarff.110mb.com/miduino/miduino.htm
Try making sure your power supply has NO direct mains electrical ground in it. Steve
framistan7 years ago
Very often, when connecting from one piece of equipment to another piece of equipment.... you can run into something called ground loops.   This occurs mostly on equipment operated from the AC mains.  To solve ground loops, you can connect small isolation transformers for audio type signals.
lemonie7 years ago
Are you working off anyone's design?
See if there's anything useful here:

Such as Infrared Sensors to MIDI?