I need 10 $ by 3-15-12 any ideas?

I am going to need 10 bucks for my fieldtrip. I am going to go on a merchant ship across the bay.

                                                                               PLEASE HELP

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sshock15 years ago
THERE WILL BE OTHER FIELD TRIPS BECAUSE THERE A GOOD CHANGE YOU WILL MISS THIS ONE, just joking, i'm sure you get the 10 bucks, but that's life, there's always something you will need.
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Burf5 years ago
Knock on some doors in your neighborhood and see if any have some odd jobs they'd like done: mow the grass, rake the yard, scoop up all the doggie doo in the backyard, wash a car, I can think of a hundred things I would pay $10 to have done for me.

Or collect bottles. People usually don't mind giving some if they know they are going to a good cause, and some people just litter... Every little bit adds up!
"Hi, I'm going on a school trip and wondered if you wanted to help contribute to our class"...blablabla.

Vyger frollard5 years ago
It doesn't say that they are from Nigeria. But then it could be possible that this is a class assignment for a Nigerian school for acquisitions. Start small and work your way up to the big accounts. I have a FORMER brother in law who is/was a lawyer who fell for one of those scams. He actually formed an investment group and got other people to put their money into it also. He lost hundreds of thousands. Now those people had a PhD in Nigerian Acquisitions. Where do you think they start? They have to get that experience and training from somewhere.
frollard Vyger5 years ago
It's basically the beginning of it, yeah;

worst case, sales skills will translate to a high-school retail job.
blkhawk5 years ago
Ask your Mom or Dad. It is not a good habit asking strangers for money.
Vyger5 years ago
I can send you a $10 check but it will cost $11 for the shipping.
Yes it's cruel but really the ones you should ask are your relatives.

I require a shipping & handling charge of 3 easy payments of $9.99, so your offer is probably the best!