I need D cell battery replacement strips.

I am trying to replace/fix the battery strips on a Coleman 5329 florescent lantern. Coleman (.com) is out of the original bottom and top replacement parts. Can anyone tell me where I can find battery strips to replace the corroded originals? They are strips with a hole that goes over a stud in the plastic casing. The lantern has a 'U" florescent bulb and uses 8 D cells. I thought some of you might have the answer, or point me in the right direction. Thanks in  advance for the help.

kelseymh5 years ago
As MPilch said below, you can replace the metal contacts with anything conductive -- a new strip of sheet metal or even just a wire.

If you want to try to replace like with like, you're probably going to have to salvage a new strip from a different battery holder. Typing "battery holder d cell" into Google got me a bunch of useful hits, including http://www.batteryspace.com/dcellsreiesbatteryholders.aspx.

If you know in what shape your current batteries are arranged, then you can buy a corresponding holder and cannibalize it for new contact strips which should fit.
canucksgirl5 years ago
I'd go to a dollar store and buy a flashlight and take the parts out that you need.
If your referring to the metal strips that link the bottom of the battery compartment with the rest of the lamp, you can replace those with any strip of metal or solder a wire across it instead.