I need a 3D printer for under $300!!!

The 3D printer must be under $300 including materials, electronics, motors etc. It must also run on an arduino mega 2560 which is not included in the cost. It must print at least 30cmx30cmx30cm and a maximum of 45cmx45cmx45cm. It must be able to run on a mac!!!!! it can be made of anything but I don't have a CNC router or laser cutter. I live in australia so sadly we don't have a TechShop!!! The printer must be able to print in high quality! I am only 12 years old!!!!

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You can try this one: It has some good reviews.


Woah! If that existed, everyone would have one by now. All printers below 300 are chinese. From my experience, chinese printers below 300 only mean a waste of money. The micro 3d prints 15x15x15, only uses PLA (You can buy a heatbed at your own risk to print ABS) but is the best printer for the price yet.

Cacon12 years ago

same problem but ive got $400

here is the printer you may need


Burf5 years ago
If I knew where to get a 3D printer that meets your requirements, for under $300, I would buy it for myself.

you may find it now, haha


math225r3 years ago

So bad. i got two you can take a look at.
M3D: http://themicro3d.com/

Peachy Printer: http://www.peachyprinter.com/

rickharris5 years ago

Thinking that a 3D printer is the answer to all manufacturing problems is a mistake.

For producing one off items it is often far better to fabricate by hand from suitable materials. No matter what your need there is an alternative method that is well tried and more than likely less work and cost than a 3D printer.

In your price range they are SLOW, only use materials that are relatively soft and not durable nd may or may not give you a "finished" product.

If you positive thats what you want I suggest you start building one. Instructions abound on the web.

Startrek replicators haven't arrived - Yet!
Harry Park (author)  rickharris5 years ago
I would not care if it took a week to print, but would have to print in PLA or ABS. I looked at the rep rap but don't like it. I love the makerbot but it is way to expensive. Thank you for your response.
+1 They are little more than clever novelties yet.
Re-design5 years ago
I need a new Porsche for under $1,000. Find me mine and I'll find you yours.
frollard5 years ago
Based on my research, your ONLY options in the 300x300mm range (which is the current DIY maximum for MOST people) will set you back at LEAST 600USD, many people spending 1000-2500 USD for known-good designs.

If anything join your local hackerspace (or make one) and see if you can team buy/build one.
Tough !